Avadhi Sharma – Empower. Thrive. Transcend

I am passionately committed to cultivating a world where mental health is destigmatized, where healing is within reach for everyone, holistic approaches are embraced, and individuals are empowered with the tools to navigate life’s challenges with resilience, strength, and the ability to rewrite their stories, reclaiming their lives.


Are you tired of therapists who seem disconnected
from your reality? I hear you. In a world where
therapy sometimes feels like a scene from a
movie, it’s no wonder you may be skeptical.
But let me assure you, I’m not your typical therapist.

I became a psychotherapist (although that label feels limiting) because I couldn’t find someone who truly understood what I was going through with my cancer-labeled parents and my own struggles. Countless times, I sat across from professionals who seemed polished but failed to grasp the depth of my experiences. It was a defining moment when I witnessed my mother’s heartbreak after a therapist dismissed her chronic fatigue as unsolvable. I knew then that I had to embark on a journey into psychology and healing.

Supported by divine guidance from my gurus and armed with years of research and personal healing, I discovered that healing is anything but linear. It’s a holistic integration of mind, body, and spirit. That’s why I use a powerful blend of researched techniques, empowering life coaching, ancient sound healing, and mystical energy healing tools. Together, we’ll break free from the shackles of your past and equip you with the tools to create your own present and future.

Forget the clichéd therapists you’ve seen on TV or in movies—the ones who ask how you feel and speak in monotones that could put anyone to sleep. I’m here to bring a breath of fresh air to the therapeutic space. I’m personable, genuine, and laid-back. Known for my enthusiasm and warm personality, I make it easy for you to open up about anything. You’ll find me laughing at your jokes, sharing your favorite dog videos or friends memes before we dive into our sessions. And yes, you’ll often catch me cross-legged in my chair, wearing loose pants (let’s keep it real!).

Together, in our sessions

But here’s the exciting part: the journey doesn’t end with healing the past. Now that you’re no longer burdened by it, where do you stand in the present, and where do you envision your future? It’s time for you to become the creator of your own destiny. Let’s tap into the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. How much fun would that be?

As you emerge from your initial healing sessions, you’ll be like a newborn, seeing the world with fresh eyes and embracing the profound wisdom within you. I understand that sometimes, the lack of a supportive environment can make you feel lost. That’s why I’m here to support you with spiritual wisdom, mindfulness techniques, meditation, and somatic healing. Together, we’ll embark on a journey that aligns with your life vision.

So, are you ready to Emprove, Thrive, and Transcend?



As a counselling psychologist and Nada yogi who believes in kindness for every soul and the divinity of every human beings, here are my core values that extend to my brand.


I pledge to commit to unwavering ethical practice, upholding integrity and trust in all aspects of my work. I pledge to cultivate compassion, embracing kindness and understanding towards myself as the foundation for emotional well-being. I pledge non-judgment, embracing acceptance and compassion for all individuals without bias or criticism.