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Rekindle your love & deepen your bond with couples therapy


While couples therapy can be instrumental in restoring balance to relationships in crisis, it can also serve to support, strengthen, and maintain the health of any relationship, no matter the age, race, or orientation. Strong, loving relationships require regular maintenance and daily commitment to clear out the buildup of any unhealthy patterns. Couples therapy can teach you proven techniques to reframe daily challenges and prevent an arising issue from becoming a persistent issue.

Love is not just a feeling. It’s a choice we make every single day.

I can help you work through issues such as:

“Behind every great relationship are difficult and uncomfortable conversations we rarelyget to see. Great relationships don’t just fall into our laps. They require people to move through their fears and insecurities and do the hard work to move wounds into healing.”


Beginning a course of counselling and therapy may seem intimidating. Especially when involving a change. You might worry that the sessions will bring up painful issues that lead it stress and which never seem to get resolved. Rest assured that even if there are some uncomfortable conversations, your sessions will facilitate healing. I encourage you to simply keep an open mind. I’ll support you both through those difficult emotions with empathy, objectivity, and lightness. You don’t need to commit to a lengthy course of sessions. Try one, and then decide.